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Widmann | Reinecke | SWR Experimentalstudio

Thursday, 30. June 2022, 8.00 pm
Munich, Herkulessaal


Mark Andre
iv "Sie fürchteten sich nämlich" (2018-21) für Kontrabaß

Mark Andre
.... selig sind .... für Klarinette und Elektronik (2017/18)

Jörg Widmann, Clarinet

Frank Reinecke, Double Bass

Experimentalstudio des SWR, Ensemble

Michael Acker, Sound design

Joachim Haas, Sound design

Mark Andre (c) Astrid Ackermann


musica viva 2021/2022 © LMN Berlin


This concert is part of the musica viva concert series – one of the world’s most important forums for contemporary music. This forward-looking concert series presents new orchestral and ensemble works as well as advanced chamber music compositions of experimental character at the highest level.

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About the programme

“I’m fascinated by the problem of composing intermediate spaces – that is, the spaces that lie often between polarities, however covert, fragile or breathless.” Mark Andre explores the transitions between spirit and matter with a passion and meticulousness second to none. Fixed variables are far less interesting to him than states of flux. He is concerned with experiences that only become possible when borders are crossed. The two solo pieces on this programme arose in close collaboration with two equally gifted performers: the clarinettist Jörg Widmann and the double bass player Frank Reinecke. Both are famous for probing their own mental and physical limits, over and over again. Andre and Reinecke worked on the double-bass piece iv 18 “Sie fürchten sich nämlich” for three years. Reinecke describes the result: “It’s always a question of the ineffable. We’re suddenly very close to a secret, but the closeness doesn’t unveil the secret”. Fear and bliss lie cheek by jowl in the musical world of Mark Andre – and it’s almost always the Bible that opens the gateways to new dimensions.

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