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♦ Reserved seat even with sold-out events
♦ transferable tickets
♦ up to 30% discount compared to single tickets
♦ one free exclusive CD per season
♦ With Abo-Card: 10% discount on each BR-concert
♦ Free public transport and introduction to the concert

Abo-Card: Each subscriber receives an individual customer card (Abo-Card) that qualifies him for a 10% discount (including advance booking fee, system fee and public transport) on single tickets for all BR-concerts. There is no limitation on reduced tickets per concert for Abo-Card owners.

Transferability: Subscribers can transfer their concert tickets to a third party. For each subscription concert the subscriber will receive a single ticket. This ticket can be transferred. Should it not be possible for the subscriber to hand out the concert ticket we will issue a replacement ticket on behalf of the subscriber’s name that can be collected.

Gift Subscription: Just indicate us the requested subscription series and price category together with the name and address of the recipient.

Exchange of Concerts Dates: Subscribers of the A-, B-, C-, D- and S-Series who can’t visit their concert have a possibility to exchange their seat within the same program (Thu./Fri./Sat.) and same price category.

Categories and Prices:

Abo A 385 330 265 220 180 112
Abo B 199 165 145 119 92 61 42*
Abo C 199 165 145 119 92 61 42*
Abo D 199 165 145 119 92 61 42*
Abo S 234 198 165 140 104 58
* Category VII at Herkulessaal only

The concerts of each subscription offer can be found in the event calendar.

Free Public Transport: Each subscription or single ticket for concerts enables the holder for a free round trip to the event with the MVV.

Pre-ordering of individual Tickets: Subscribers can order additional single tickets up to one month in advance before the official start of the ticket purchase. Please contact the Subscription Office and indicate your subscription number.

New Subscriptions: Orders for next season’s subscriptions are being accepted during the entire year.