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Even beyond Europe’s borders, concert halls are being visited by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra on tour.

Carnegie Hall, New York

Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall (c) Wikimedia Commons (日陰猫Joga)

The Japanese Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall is known worldwide for its good acoustics and is therefore often visited by European orchestras.

25 November 2018: Zubin Mehta

26 November 2016: Mariss Jansons

National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei

National Concert Hall Taipei (c) wikimedia commons

You can hear the BRSO regularly in the Taipei National Concert Hall during our tours through Asia.

19 November 2018: Zubin Mehta

18 November 2018: Zubin Mehta

2 December 2016: Mariss Jansons

1 December 2016: Mariss Jansons

Seoul Arts Center

Seoul Arts Center (c) Oskar Alexanderson (wikimedia commons)

The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra regularly resides in the South Korean Seoul Arts Center, which resembles a Korean bamboo hat in shape.


30 November 2018: Zubin Mehta & Jewgenij Kissin

29 November 2018: Zubin Mehta

5 December 2016: Mariss Jansons

4 December 2016: Mariss Jansons

Suntory Hall, Tokio

Suntory Hall Tokio (c) Peter Meisel

The Suntory Hall is one of the world’s most renowned concert halls. The BRSO regularly plays on there on tours through Asia.

27 November 2018: Zubin Mehta & Jewgenij Kissin

26 November 2018: Zubin Mehta & Jewgenij Kissin

28 November 2016: Mariss Jansons

27 November 2016: Mariss Jansons