Matthias Pintscher

Friday, 17. March 2023, 8.00 pm
Munich, Herkulessaal
Introduction 6.45 pm


Iannis Xenakis
»Shaar« for string orchestra

Matthias Pintscher
»Neharot« for orchestra


Chaya Czernowin
»Atara« – a lament for orchestra and two amplified voices (Germain premiere) - commissioned by Bavarian Radio’s musica viva series and Vienna Modern with the kind support of the Freunde des Symphonieorchesters des Bayerischen Rundfunks e.V.

Matthias Pintscher, Conductor

Sophia Burgos, Soprano

Holger Falk, Baritone

Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Matthias Pintscher © Astrid Ackermann

Information about the programme

In Shaar, Iannis Xenakis composed a riveting sonic drama on the archetypal struggle between good and evil. Although Satan retains the upper hand with his subterfuges, a secret doorway (shaar in Hebrew) rescues humankind from eternal damnation by pointing the way with ethereal violin sounds. Matthias Pintscher’s Neharot (Hebrew for “rivers” or “tears”) is a musical reflection on the “devastation and fear, and the hope for light, that have left such a deep emotional imprint on this period of our existence” (Pintscher). Pintscher’s lament, written at the beginning of the pandemic, is dedicated all those who perished from the infection. Chaya Czernowin’s Atara (Hebrew for “crown”) bemoans mankind’s illusion of all-enveloping control, and achieved unexpected timeliness from the events of the pandemic. The orchestra, moving slowly in mighty phalanxes, contrasts with what the composer calls the ”fragile and seemingly lost” chamber-like vocal ensemble.


Musica viva Logo

Part of the musica viva concert series

This concert is part of the musica viva-concert series of the BR. Musica viva is one of the world’s most famous events for future-oriented and contemporary music, where many experimental works and performances for orchestra and chamber music receive their premiere.

More information

The concert on the radio

On Tuesday, March 28th 2023, BR-KLASSIK will broadcast a recording of the concert on the radio at 8.05 pm.

More about the broadcast

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