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Bettina Faiss


Bettina Faiss was born in Weingarten, Baden-Württemberg. She took her first clarinet lessons at the age of six from Ladislaus Vichi.

After completing secondary school in 1994 she began her studies at the Music Academy in Detmold with Prof. H.-D. Klaus. She won diplomas in both instrumental music education and artistic training with top marks.

Bettina Faiss has been awarded a number of prizes and awards. After several national prizes in the “Jugend musiziert” competitions, the 1998 “Avantgarde Prize” from the city of Erlangen, and the prize from the Tonkünstlerverband of Baden-Württemberg, she was pronounced “Soloists 1999” at the German Music Competition, and was accepted for the “Concerts by Young Artists” nationwide selection.

She has received grants from the “Oscar Vera Ritter Foundation”, the “Franz Wirth Memorial Foundation” and the “Villa Musica” Foundation, as well as the “Munich Orchestra Academy”.

In January of 2000, Bettina Faiss was engaged as second clarinetist and E-flat clarinetist by the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. In 2003 she took over the vacant position of principal clarinetist for several months. In addition she has served as guest principal clarinetist with the NDR Radio Philharmonic and has also been regularly invited to play with the Bavarian State Orchestra.

Bettina Faiss is particularly fond of chamber music, as a number of different radio and CD productions attest. She plays regularly with the Da Ponte Wind Octet at such festivals as the Würzburg Mozart Night and the Rheingau Music Festival.

As concert soloist, she has played with such ensembles as the Bavarian Doctors’ Orchestra, the Munich Chamber Soloists and the Stuttgart Philharmonic.

“Von Pult zu Pult” With Bettina Faiss


“A peek through the keyhole” with Bettina Faiss (april 2017)

In this series of videos about our chamber music concerts, musicians grant insight into chamber music subtitles and answer spontaneously without knowing the questions beforehand.

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“A peek through the keyhole” with Bettina Faiss (May 2015)

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