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Education and Outreach


Music is particularly exciting when getting active and being involved is possible. That’s why the BRSO’s award-winning education program offers many possibilities to young people to discover music for themselves – independent of their social and cultural backgrounds, and at eye level with world class musicians.

Experience music live

No recording, no matter how good, can replace the experience of live music. Experiencing the power and dynamics with all senses, watching musicians and conductors at work, allowing the music to overwhelm you – in the best sense of the word: This is what the BRSO offers with their children and family concerts, as well as with selected rehearsals.


During a Response-Workshop, young people comprehend the composer’s creative process as well as they experiment with their own musical ideas. Through participating in masterclasses, and by playing with the Bavarian Youth Orchestra and the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts’ symphony orchestra, young musicians receive artistic advice from BRSO members, soloists and conductors.


In BRSO education and outreach projects, orchestra musicians, conductors, soloists, or journalists and academics are there for the participants to talk to. So whether on stage, at the workshop, for a radio program or a web video: Please ask and inquire!

Become an educator yourself

By working with journalists and concert pedagogues, young people explore ways to convincingly explain their opinions about certain works, composers or about sound to others. As presenters on stage, they actively contribute to and shape open rehearsals for students (”Echtzeit”), concert introduction talks and youth concerts, and in video projects they document the BRSO’s work from their very own and personal perspective.