_Response_09_15_(c) Astrid Ackermann_Response_09_15_(c) Astrid Ackermann

Our »re:compose« brochure gives teachers specific tips for bringing pupils into contact with contemporary art music and getting them excited about it – namely, by letting them make music themselves. Playful listening exercises and sound experiments lead to little compositions all their very own. No basic musical knowledge or experience is required. The exercises were tried out in »re:compose«, a project held in summer 2018 with more than 200 young participants from seven middle, secondary and high schools in and around Munich. The idea behind the project is to have teenagers playfully interact with New Music. Using association and improvisation, they follow how a musical idea arises, metamorphoses and turns into something new. They compose the music and develop stories and choreographies to accompany it, thereby opening their ears to New Music.

The brochure (in German only) can be downloaded here.

The project is produced by the Zuhören Foundation in cooperation with the BRSO, and is partnered and sponsored by BRSO Education, Zuhören Foundation, Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung, BRSO Academy, Young Gärtnerplatztheater, Friends of BRSO.


Listen to the three Winners of the »re:compose« – Competition 2018:

Chrisna Lungala: “Bitte noch heute”

Jakob Raab: “The Yellow King”

Franz Ferdinand August Rieks: “abstract clues”