Saturday, 11. March 2023, 8.00 pm
Munich, Max Joseph Saal

Sunday, 12. March 2023, 6.00 pm
Tutzing, Evangelische Akademie


Daniel Speer
Sonata for 4 trombones

Orlando di Lasso
Matona mia cara für 4 stimmigen Chor

Michael Praetorius
Five french dances for 4 trombones

Frigyes Hidas
Fantasia für 1 Posaune

Frigyes Hidas
Introduzione e Fughetta for 2 trombones

Frigyes Hidas
Interludio for 3 trombones

Frigyes Hidas
Scherzo e Corale for 4 trombones

Iannis Xenakis
KEREN for trombone solo

Anton Bruckner
Two Aequale c-minor for 3 trombones

Derek Bourgeois
Trombone Quartet op. 117

Christian Muthspiel
Is my shoe still blue? für Posaune solo

Henri Tomasi
ÈTRE OU NE PAS ÉTRE-Monologue d`Hamlet for basstrombone and 3 trombones

John/Paul Lennon/McCartney
"Hey Jude" for 4 trombones

Felix Eckert, Trombone

Lukas Gassner, Trombone

Uwe Schrodi, Trombone

Csaba Wagner, Trombone

Csaba Wagner © Astrid Ackermann

Information about the programme

Nobody will expect the walls of the Munich Residence or the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing to come tumbling down when trombonists raise their instruments there, as once happened in Jericho. But it’s a well-known fact that these low-lying instruments are more prone to rich-hued sounds than to hypersensitive squeaks. Four trombonists from the BRSO have formed an ensemble that plays just such “trombone music” through the centuries and across the styles, allowing the dignity and sanctity of brass music to resound no less than its experimental and pop potential. Felix Eckert, Lukas Gassner, Uwe Schrodi and Csaba Wagner present original compositions and arrangements for trombone, including works by Orlando di Lasso from the late Renaissance (when the use of the trombone in its present-day form is first documented), solemn trombone “hymns” by Anton Bruckner, contemporary music by Iannis Xenakis, the advent of jazz and transcriptions of “beat music”, as the Beatles’ song Hey Jude used to be classified.

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