Saturday, 07. November 2020, 6.00 pm
Munich, Max Joseph Saal

Saturday, 07. November 2020, 8.30 pm
Munich, Max Joseph Saal

Sunday, 08. November 2020, 5.30 pm
Tutzing, Evangelische Akademie

Sunday, 08. November 2020, 7.30 pm
Tutzing, Evangelische Akademie


Joseph Haydn
Quartett f minor for two Violines, Viola and Violoncello, op. 20,5; Hob. III: 35

Anton Webern
Rondo for two violins, viola and violoncello

Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet No. 11 f minor, op. 95

Münchner Streichquartett

Anne Schoenholtz, Violin

Stephan Hoever, Violin

Mathias Schessl, Viola

Jan Mischlich-Andresen, Cello

“It must never be performed in public”: thus Beethoven on his F-minor String Quartet, expressly written for a “small circle of connoisseurs”. F minor was considered an extreme tonality, and the result is truly extreme: here Beethoven compresses angular motifs, expressive melodies and jagged contrasts within the narrowest of confines to create explosions of expressive power. No less concentrated is the entire programme of the Munich String Quartet, which combines the Beethoven piece with Haydn’s F-minor Quartet and Webern’s early Rondo, two quieter but equally emotional works at the cutting edge of their day.


Tickets can be purchased by phone, at the ticket office of BRticket and through the BRticket-webshop. Due to restrictions limiting the number of audience members, most programmes will be offered twice per evening, each lasting approximately one hour. Please note that a maximum of 2 tickets per person can be booked for each concert. Ticket sales are subject to change, as the state government’s regulations regarding the number of visitors can change at any time. You can find more information about ticket sales here.

Tickets for the concert in tutzing

Tickets for the concert in Tutzing exclusively through the bookstore Held, Hauptstraße 70, 82327 Tutzing, Phone: 08158 – 8388.

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