Especially in times, when concert halls are closed, rehearsals and concerts are cancelled, one thing particularly applies: keep playing! Because music connects us. We visited our musicians at home to find out how they ‘Keep Playing’.

Klaus-Peter-Werani | Viola

Magdalena Hoffmann | Harp

Celina Bäumer | Violin

Valérie Gillard | Violin

Uta Zenke | Cello & Tobias Vogelmann | Oboe


klaus-peter-werani | Viola

The limits of art today are the challenge of my freedom.
Music is my way of life.
Even today I experience my relationship to the world by making music.
For me, social distancing means a contradiction to the closeness of the physique of music and  to the physicality of sound – that’s why I won’t stop searching for opportunities to stay in close contact with the audience.

Klaus-Peter Werani, Viola KeepPlaying (c) Astrid Ackermann


Magdalena Hoffmann | harp

Play whenever you can.
Listen closely in silence.
If there’s space, you can fantasize.
Goodbye – ‘hear’ you soon.

Magdalena Hoffmann, Harfe KeepPlaying (c) Astrid Ackermann


Celina Bäumer | violin

„That even though the curtain has been closed, all questions remain open.“ (Berthold Brecht)
Those who are no longer allowed to play have time to play.
…to play, to play, to play…

Celina Bäumer, Geige KeepPlaying (c) Astrid Ackermann


Valérie Gillard | violin

Laughing is good.
Bach is my constant companion.
Always look ahead.
Nice to rehearse with colleagues again.

Valérie Gillard, Geige KeepPlaying (c) Astrid Ackermann



Oboist at gardening.
Curtain up for living room concerts!
… unfortunately without audience.
Planer on outdoor mission.
Still life or live silently?

Uta Zenke, Cello, Tobias Vogelmann, Oboe KeepPlaying (c) Astrid Ackermann

Photos (c) Astrid Ackermann