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Projects foR Pupils and Teachers


Dance Projekt “A Summernights DREam”

A Cooperation of CAMPUS and the BRSO.


On 24 May 2017 four pupils of the Benedictus-Realschule Tutzing were on the stage and did an interview with conductor Lahav Shani in front of an audience of 800 pupils.


Felix Hentschel accompanied us to the elementary school in Polling in February 2017 and made a videoclip of the kids.

Project “Gershwin-Experiment”

Pupils compose at school during the project “Response-Werkstatt” of the BRSO in Neu-Ulm.

Youth Concert (June 2016)

In June 2016 some musicians of the BRSO visited schools in Bavaria. They made music by Pavel Haas with the pupils.

Response-workshop for Cathy Milliken’s “Earth Plays” (2015)

At the Response-workshop, children and teenagers make their own music. Together with musicians from the symphony orchestra they improvise and experiment with different sounds, thus developing audible responses to other works, by playing around with its themes, tones and instruments. This time, things were flipped over: 30 students from grade 7c of the Maria-Ward-High School in Munich-Nymphenburg created a musical preface to Cathy Milliken’s “Earth Plays” for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, together with the composer Cathy Milliken and the musicians Sabine Staudinger (alto) and Nicolaus Richter de Vroe (violin) of the Bavarian Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra.

The courageous horn (2015)

The courageous horn has already killed seven birds with one stone – but will it be able to prevail in a fight with two full-grown giants? The musical fairy tale about an unwilling hero has again toured the Bavarian elementary schools in 2015/2016.

BLJO, BRSO and Mariss Jansons (2014)

Three students from the Bernhard-Strigel-High School’s eleventh grade in Memmingen joined the concert of the BLJO (Bavarian Youth Orchestra) and musicians of the symphony orchestra under the baton of Mariss Jansons in January 2014. They shared their impressions, from rehearsal to the actual concert, in a short film.

Projects for young musicians

Masterclass with Rudolf Buchbinder

In May 2017 there was a masterclass with Rudolf Buchbinder and young pianists. They practiced the Piano Sonata No 13 E-flat Major, op 27 No 1 “Quasi una fantasia” by Beethoven.

 Aris Alexander Blettenberg was a participant of the masterclass with mit Rudolf Buchbinder. He played the Piano Sonata No 22 F Major, op 54 by Beethoven.

Masterclass with Yo-Yo Ma (March 2016)

The charismatic cellist Yo-Yo Ma payed the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra a visit and stayed for a week as ‚Artist in Residence‘. He impressed all of us – as a teacher, musician and human being.